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Angulana woman acquitted of drug charges

Panadura Provincial High Court Judge Padmini Ranawaka Gunatilleke acquitted Liyanarchchi Pragethi, a woman accused of and charged with possessing and trafficking 3.64 grams on December 2013 near the Angulana police area.

Acquitting the accused, the judge stated that the evidence of the policemen who conducted the raid in a house at Angulana clearly showed that the case had been fabricated by them. The police had visited the house to arrest the husband of the woman but he was not there; as such, the judge explained, the police arrested the woman and introduced the drugs onto her person. This was clearly confirmed under the cross examination. The judge commended the lawyer who defended the accused and proved that this was a fabricated case, involving police who tried taking revenge on the husband of the accused woman.

“This accused was held in remand with her infant for the duration of this case,” Samadara Jayasinghe, the defence attorney, said. “The prosecution had failed to prove the case against the accused without any doubt. This is very sad conduct by the police.”


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