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Boost for subsidiary food crops in Ampara

Mize cultivation in Ampara District
Mize cultivation in Ampara District

The Ampara district Agriculture Department has taken initiative to enhance agricultural crop cultivation in the district. Paddy, green gram, sorghum, crown nut, kurakkan, cowpea, and other supplementary food crops have been given priority under the program.

Now, there is an increased incentive among farmers of Ampara District to grow ever more subsidiary food crops. These crops are grown in large scales with considerable profits.

Highland cultivators have received a very good income from the produce, especially the harvesting of mize at Ashraff Nagar in the Addalaichenai DS Division, recently. These seeds are sold by the Agriculture Department at reduced and subsidized rates with proper instructions and guidance to arable farmers. In certain areas, the cultivators said that the profits derived from these crops are better than paddy crops which are subjected to various pests and diseases.

Meanwhile, villagers, especially farmers and housewives of Addalaichenai, Oluvil, Palamunai, Thiraikeni, Ashraff Nagar, Meelath Nagar, and Alamkulam, have to deal with monkeys, which invade home gardens, arable crops (Highland crops) and vegetable plots, and destroy tender fruit and vegetable.

They do the most harm to tender coconuts, villagers said. As a result, the livelihood of these people is also affected.



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