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Strengthening the gentleman's game

Cricket is known as the gentlemen’s game. It is played all over the world and in Sri Lanka, in many versions. Test, limited overs 50, 20 overs, so on, some say, Cricket is life. I would courteously say life is not cricket, it’s a game, time consuming, both for players and followers. Some devote and dedicate to the extent quarter of their life by covering the game. Is it worthwhile?

By limiting ourselves to control and limitation, we can enjoy the game and save our valuable time for a wholesome wealthy and prosperous life. Too much attention and attachment, sees dismay and disappointment, as we expect our sides to win. The game only wins. Let not cricket fool us. Let not cricket be king, let not cricket rule, let us rule it. Let it not be our master but servant.

I shall politely suggest novelties in cricket. Why not play 25 -25 (twenty five overs a side), Sri Lanka cricket can be pioneering. How about allowing slip fielders to wear gloves, when wicketkeeper is allowed wicketkeeper’s gloves? More catches win more matches.

Why not umpires be allowed to wear protective gear. Corruption too is happening at instances in cricket, some TV channels are using un-ethical information for their earning through cricket, thereby leading masses astray.

S.M. Fahim Latiff


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