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DE COSTA - PROSPER ST LEONARD,​ Attorney-at-Law. Dearly beloved husband of the late Miriam,​ loving father of Rohith and the late Suresh,​ father-in-law of Ruklanthi,​ grandfather of Aaryendra,​ son of Mudaliyar Frank and Letitia de Costa,​ son-in-law of Dr John Edward and Gladys Felix,​ brother of Sparling de Costa and Calista Perera,​ brother-in-law of Jeff and Sita Felix,​ Manes and Selvy Felix,​ Dr Conall and Helen Felix,​ William Perera and Noelle de Costa,​ passed away peacefully on 12 December 2017. The remains lies at A F Raymond’s Funeral Parlour from 4 pm on Wednesday,​ 20 December 2017 (for viewing),​ followed by burial on Thursday,​ 21 December 2017,​ at 4.30 pm at General Cemetery Jawatte.158019

GUNANAYAGAM - THERESA - Beloved wife of late Thambiah Kingsley,​ precious mother & mother-in-law of Winston (Ravi) & Valerie,​ Mervyn & Noeline,​ Clement & Devika,​ Terrence & Lisa,​ loving grandmother of Natasha,​ Nigel,​ Angelo,​ Colin,​ Sherlene,​ Shrutika,​ Thushara & Shikara,​ loving sister of Pamela,​ (late) Richard,​ (Late) Margaret,​ (Late) Peter,​ Soma,​ Wimala & Arnold. Funeral in Auckland,​ New Zealand on 20th December.158085

GUNASEKERA - DEGIRI MICHAEL DE ZOYSA - (Retired Superintendent of Mechanical Stores,​ Department of Agriculture and Former PA to The Southern Province SSP) - Beloved husband of Sriya (nee Karunaratne),​ son of late Mr and Mrs Rantine De Zoysa Gunasekera,​ brother of late Oliver,​ Josephine,​ Agnes and Walter,​ loving father of Namali,​ Mahesh,​ Shamali,​ Kosala and Primali,​ father-in-law of Rohitha,​ Kumudumali,​ Anura,​ Roshini and Choliya,​ darling grandfather of Prasangi,​ Vasana,​ Trimal,​ Sahan and Dulmi,​ expired. Cortege leaves residence on Wednesday 20th December for Cremation at Dadalle Cemetery at 4.00 p.m. 552/​2,​ Hirimbura Road,​ Galle.158066

HEMALATHA PERERA (L.D.H.) - Loving wife of late Mr K.D.P. Perera (Former Director of Irrigation),​ loving mother of late Sudeth Perera (Demo) and Vinod Perera (Melbourne),​ loving mother-in-law of Shyama Perera (Nee Rodrigo,​ Melbourne). 186/​1,​ Hill Street,​ Dehiwala. Cremation 20th December 2.00 p.m. at Kohuwala Cemetery.157939

Kotalawela - Vijitha,​ Wife of late Somala,​​ Mother of Yolanda,​​ Prasanna,​​ Nirmaleen,​​ Ravi and Indira,​​ Mother-in-law of Veinert,​​ Savitha,​​ late Hema,​​ Lalitha and Rolf,​​ sister of the late Constance and Sita,​​ grandmother of Aslisa and Nissa,​​ Chrishani,​​ Sanji and Priyanath,​​ Senaka,​​ Duddles and Shanika,​​ Shamilka,​​ and Natasha,​​ Tarique and Shontal. Cortege leaves residence 1083E,​​ Kumaragewatte,​​ Pelawatte,​​ Battaramulla on Wednesday 20th December at 04.45pm for cremation at the New Crematorium (Entrance from main gate) General Cemetery,​​ Kanatte at 05.30 pm.158212

PAULUSZ - SPENCER PERRY - Beloved wife of Padmi Liyanage,​ loving father of Shakila Paulusz (Dubai),​ Michelle (Sri Lanka Army,​ Iplogama Virakekula Pre School),​ father-in-law of H.A. Nuwan (Dubai),​ Sujeewa Udawala (Businessman),​ grandfather of Nephul,​ son of late Thomas Paulusz and of Melrose Stephen,​ brother of Roger,​ Dela,​ Montini & Angelo (Australia),​ brother-in-law of Allan Nugera,​ Sita Wickremasinghe,​ Sarath Liyanage,​ Sepali Gunawardana,​ Ranjit Liyanage and Ranjani Liyanage. Cortege leaves residence,​ Thalawa Hospital Quarters at 3 p.m. on Wednesday 20th December 2017 for burial at Thalawa Moragoda Catholic Cemetery.158276



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