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Stray cattle in Ampara cause road accidents

Stray cattle have caused an increase in road accidents in the Ampara district, particularly in its coastal belt.

The cattle should be allowed to loaf about in the pasture's grazing lands (grazing lands) allocated in every division, but this is not done. As a result, the number of accidents occurring in the roads due to stray cattle has increased.

Cattle owners are allegedly not mindful of tethering and maintaining their cattle at the proper places, instead allowing them to loaf about in the highways.

According to some Ampara residents, it is the duty of the Road Development Authority to control the stray cattle, while others say that it is the function of the Local Authorities Bodies. Residents claim that even the police can take action against the stray cattle nuisance, and allege that cattle owners are not worried about the various road accidents that are taking place day to day. Residents request that cattle owners take their cattle to the grazing land in the morning and bring them back to their tethering places at night.

They say that close supervision of the cattle by the cattle owners is needed at this juncture.

The members of the public urge the RDA in Kalmunai and Akkaraipattu and the relevant local authority bodies to take proper action regarding this matter, in the greater interest of the people in the area.


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