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People lose faith in the judiciary due to Law’s delays : Thalatha

Minister of Justice Thalatha Athukorale​ yesterday, said the law’s delays had caused many people in the country to lose faith in the judicial system.

She​ however​ assured that the government ​was​ committed to protect judicial independence​ of the country​.

Minister Athukorale further said that her aim was to show the world that Sri Lanka has a judiciary that functions independently and has no influence over its function​s​.

Addressing the gathering at the annual conference and workshop of the judges yesterday, Minister Athukorale said that the ministry has taken necessary measures address the issues pertaining to delays in cases and added that every institution that functions under the ministry has a responsibility in solving these issues. “The President and Prime Minister showed special concern ​regarding​ the well​ ​being of the judges and they intend to seek solutions for many prevailing issues faced by the judges today,” she said.

Speaking about the cases that are lagging behind, Minister Athukorale said people face immense problems due to delays in cases and added that it is vital to hear cases daily to avoid frequent adjournments.

“Infrastructural deficit​s​ will ​also be resolved by 2020 and measures have been taken to provide essential technological assistance to avoid delay,” she said. ​The ​Minister said that necessary changes to the civil law, penal code and criminal law has to be made to reduce the crime rate. 


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