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From cricket to music

The world lost a great cricketer but the music industry gained a great musician! Melodies features Melantha Perera a man whose perseverance and flair for originality has enabled him to become an idol and example to other next generation musicians.

Perera runs a music school called Riversheen and plays in two bands named ‘Sign’ and ‘Brexit’. He hails from a musical family. His first instrument was the Ukulele and had a piano to play on. He owes who he is today to his mother, Trila and brother Rukshan who helped him when he began entering the music industry.

“When the Rawathawatte Methodist church had a charity event, I was in charge of getting the artists together and providing the music. I selected the musicians who are the present members of the band ‘Sign’ since it clicked off very well, we continued performing together,” said Perera.

Perera had two interests – Cricket and Music. Yet the former had to be given up which paved the way for Perera to excel in music. It would have been interesting to have seen what he would have achieved with the bat or ball in his hand but fate had other ideas. Singing on stage Perera became a music icon.

“I was a cricketer, but due to injuries that occurred while on the field, i had to give it up. Since I loved music, I started learning musical instruments and this gave me the opportunity enter the music scene, which paved the way for my musical future,” explained Perera.

A man with a big heart as big as his voice he believes his music can heal and touch people in away only music can! He believes in making a difference in the world by ‘touching souls’. No doubt his music has a certain quality that is able to connect with his audience at a different level.

“It’s the way to touch souls and make this world a better place. I inherited all my musical knowledge from my mother, who thought out of the box. So I follow her way of doing it. When it comes to writing original songs. I keep at it until I am satisfied,” said Perera.

Working with the other band members is an exciting process. They have an understanding and a friendship that helps them create great music.

“It’s an experience where we share our talent and knowhow, making it easy to understand each other better. No doubt it’s a blessed band that helped me earn my name in the music industry, giving me the opportunity to implement most of my ideas and where many of the next generation musicians took up to music after listening to us,” pointed out Perera.

Perera has known great success. But it is not a one man show. It is a team effort. It is mixture of hard work and discipline.

“Success is a journey, not a destination and from the inception of my journey the source of encouragement has been from my loving wife Devika Perera and then my two talented children Devshan and Michelle Perera. In terms of my bands, it is pure discipline that has taken us a long way and this is advice for the young generation. Yes everyone has their original songs and most of them are very popular and a few yet to be heard,” added Perera.

The great Freddie Mercury is a musician that Perera looks up to. Indeed Perera is rueful that Mercury is no longer with us. It is a pity why so many great leaders do not get to see the impact they make on history and that is the same for musicians.

“My idol is Freddie Mercury, and it’s so sad that he’s not amongst the living to hear more of his extraordinary creations. We don’t stick to one genre, Sign has a wide repertoire where we can tackle any event without a problem. For the second year consecutive, we perform at Heritance Hotel Negombo for the New Years’ Eve dance,” stated Perera.

“We have our originals lined up and when the time comes, it will be published. And I would like to say - Love what you do and do it right, be open for constructive criticism , suggestions, ideas, and learn to select the right one, and in no time you will be on top,” said Perera.


Drums : Lelum Rathnayeka

Keyboards: Nalin De Silva and Chamal Rodrigo

Lead guitar: Upali Fenando Female vocals: Judy De Silva

Bass guitar: Melantha Perera 


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