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Tsunami victims to receive housing scheme

About 500 houses were built with the assistance of the Saudi Arabian government for Tsunami victims at Noracholai in the Akkaraipattu DS Division in year 2009, under the Tsunami Re-Building Development Project.

In order to allocate these houses to Tsunami-affected people, about 500 Interviews were held for the selection of allottees by Ampara District Additional Government Agent K. Vimalanathan at the Akkaraipattu Divisional Secretariat, recently. This housing scheme, which was built after spending a large sum of money, was so far not allocated for the use of the public.

Therefore, these houses were not maintained by anyone.

Before, when the houses were about to be handed over, a case was filed in the High Courts against handing over the houses to a particular community.

The High Court later decided that the houses should be distributed among the three races, in keeping with the ratio of the three communities.

Eight years had gone by and the houses were still locked up.

The delay in handing over the houses had caused damages to them, and valuable parts of the houses have been plundered. 


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