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‘Upgrade the quality of higher education’: Premier


Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe gave directions to the Vice-Chancellors of all Universities to upgrade the quality of higher education instead of prioritizing the construction of university buildings.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the international status gained by local universities has dropped at present, and it is the duty of all Vice Chancellors to ensure that education in universities is raised once more to international standards.

Wickremesinghe made these observations at a meeting held at Temple Trees attended by Minister of Higher Education and Highways Lakshman Kiriella and Vice Chancellors of universities last morning.

The PM also said that immediate steps should be taken to put an end to ragging in university system and to create a healthy atmosphere for students to engage in academics successfully without any hindrance.

He said that in order to achieve that an additional staff will have to be recruited. 


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Most important thing is to maximize the analyzing power of the students. Without doing it, quality of higher education cannot be upgraded. It will be a difficult task to do it in Sri Lanka, as the University teachers are not used to it!!

Hon. PM shows the focus, but this journey begins at the very core of our being, the heart. Quality of excellence involves every aspect of our whole being, nature, character, morals, ethics, spirituality, mind and intellect, pure emotions, selfless free will that is generous, responsibility towards others in society to live in peace and reconciliation. It needs to be the futuristic building of society to leave a heritage for the generations to come living here. Current higher education issue is not just medicine but whether fees could be paid to get taught and trained by professionals of the same class as those in the state. The war is about Govt. decisions being overruled by trade union action aligned with the opposition. The quality and atmosphere of higher education seems to reflect the manner of parliament than the intellectual capacity of uni life. Bereft of ethics, morality and selflessness, its like the beetle rolling the bubble up the hill or even someone trying to climb a waterfall. You get nowhere except if you give up, you get zero.

Upgrade the quality of politicians' education requirements. Most of them don't even have O/Ls.

Our problem is not the quality of education, students just study the courses because it is free, but have no idea why they study. Do not recruit additional staff our universities are overstaff, our staff work 4-5 hours a week. Here in the USA, where I am teaching one lab course for one credit and teach 10 hours per week.


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