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Ranjan stands firm in SC

Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake yesterday reiterated that he stands by what he had said regarding the judiciary and lawyers of Sri Lanka recently.

Addressing media outside the Supreme Court premises, Ramanayake said he is not afraid to tell the truth that ordinary people and corrupt politicians are treated differently by the judiciary.

“A poor who commits a minor offence such as stealing a street light bulb had been jailed for several months, under the Public Property Act. Corrupt politicians who stole millions of rupees in public funds can get anticipatory bail to avoid being arrested, after retaining a President’s Counsel,” Ramanayake said.Two petitioners had made complaints to the Supreme Court seeking a contempt of court action against Ramanayake for allegedly making disparaging remarks on the reputation of the judiciary and lawyers, at a press conference held on August 21. 


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Ranjan,we know that you are an honest politico,do not worry the the Judiciary cannot touch you or harm you

Three Cheers to you Ranjan! you are a super hero and a real "One Shot" in-deed fighting against corruption in political arena as well as judicial arena. We know this is not at all a simple task considering the power these fronts hold. You are a true representative of the grievances of the general public who voted you into the Parliament giving highest number of preferences in Gampaha District. In an era when many a voter regrets for the vote he has cast to dirty politicians who are light years away from the pledges they made before elections, you seem to be swimming against this undercurrent of dirty politics setting a very good example for all of us civilians to follow by standing against irregularities and corruption to their level best. To repeat, I salute you Ranjan.

Ranjan has said what we all want to say but couldn't because several reasons. We need someone bold enough to say it. The strange thing is, the extents these corrupted are willing to go to show that theory are good.

Well done ! Ranjan. We were all afraid of the judiciary, but no more they have lost their self respect. I hope more youth takes up to the law profession as Judges, to fill the shortage.


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