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Medical education minimum standards set

Health Minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne yesterday received Cabinet approval to gazette Minimum Standards on Medical Education under the Medical Ordinance.

Under the new standards, it will be compulsory for students to have sat for Biology, Chemistry and Physics for their Advanced Level exams and scored a minimum grade of two Credits and a Simple Pass in one sitting.

The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC), the University Grants Commission, the Attorney General and the Legal Draftsman have agreed to these standards.

The Minimum Standards which prescribed regulations for: structure of education program, assessment of students, admission, academic staff, infrastructure and resources, syllabus structure and content and the need to constantly update curricula also specified that,“Students have a minimum period of 200 hours in planned learning in a community/first contact care setting to engage in primary care, health promotion and preventive medicine, and a minimum of 50 hours of clinical forensic medicine and forensic pathology”.

It also insisted that all affiliated, private or foreign universities too needed to adhere to the set minimum standards. Thus it stipulated, “Every recognised university or institution within or outside Sri Lankan which is engaged in providing medical education and training, alone or jointly with any Sri Lankan or foreign recognized university or institution under affiliation or under a Twin Medical program shall ensure that the minimum standards prescribed by these regulations are adhered to and maintained”.

The Minimum standards will be gazetted and submitted for Parliament approval next. 


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Must include national languages mathematics English physics chemistry biology recommendations world council on medical education for uniformity and necessity for understanding communicating with public. Currently most insist on degree in a recommended university with humanities social science knowledge

Abolish the Quota System and give admission only on Merit to University Admission. Since educations is not limited to classroom with digital facilities available all over the nation/world to gain knowledge. We need quality graduates passing out of the Universities before the 70's.

Admission based on skills intelligence character respect for humanity social,skiing money dhould not be the plan social skills helpful to the society protection of human rights must be in the graduates of the future skills compassion kindness all must be considered. Recent strike by our doctors indicate that.

First stop private practice of government doctors. Let the consultants to do private practice under government hospitals charging a rate to the state. Then the money makers do not apply for medical entrance. Only the genuine persons treat the sick will join the government service. Then the standards will be well protected.


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