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On the other side of the comfort zone

Holy Family Convent
Anjalee Wanduragala.
Anjalee Wanduragala.

The Motto of Holy Family Convent is to ‘Glory be to God alone’. This has helped Head Girl of Holy Family Convent Anjalee Wanduragala to understand that your power lies in your originality because she understands that God does not create duplicates. Each life is unique. Perfect Prefects features Wanduragala who believes in keeping things simple and effecting change from the top through being yourself.

We live in a world where the youngsters are trying to be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. They do not realise their self- worth. They do not realise the value of their uniqueness.

“Something in this world we lack a lot is that people do not realise their worth. That is what leads to these problems like suicide rates going up and people harming themselves. I think something that children need to know is that you are worth a lot more than what you think you are. If people realise they are worth more than they think they are, that helps you focus a lot on what you are doing and helps you use your talents so that you may help someone else. Also when we live in this world we see people trying to idolise someone else and become a duplicate of someone else. I think that people have to use their difference to make a change in the world. You should be yourself. Be original,” said Wanduragala.

Right friends

Wanduragala over the years has developed this ability not to get rattled by anything. She believes in not getting agitated over anything. She has a great support system. She has the right friends and she believes that your friends can influence your personality. Once she re-evaluates the problem she can calm down.

“When a problem comes up, I can think on my feet. I think that is from debating and all that. I was the Debating captain of the school team. That has helped me think on my feet. That is a quality a leader should have because when you face a difficulty you can’t get flustered. If you get flustered you won’t be able to face that challenge. That is an ability I have. Of course, at the moment I am facing that difficulty I do say a prayer. That helps me get over that situation. It gives me strength in facing that situation,” stated Wanduragala.

Her education at school has touched every facet of her life. Her education has been spiritual as well as teaching her how the world works. As mentioned before she gives God glory.

“Everything I am today I owe it to school, my parents, my sister and my friends. School is the reason why I have such amazing friends. I am honoured to actually be the Head Prefect in School and leading 3000 other students. From Grade 1 to Grade 12, I remember all my teachers because what I am today, the characteristics and qualities I have are because of those people. It is my second home and I have spent way more time at school than I have at home! I have been taught to be punctual and being eco -friendly to another level at school. They teach us about simplicity, our vision is being simple and modest, and our motto is ‘Glory be to God alone’. My school has consistently taught us this. I definitely depend on God and I give him such priority. When you do that everything else falls into place,” explained Wanduragala.

Different things

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is something one will have to do eventually and it is something you can’t avoid. It does not matter what society thinks, just follow your path in life.

“The individual I admire is not actually a leader, but in my case, I would look at her as a leader. She is Mother Teresa because it takes courage to step out of your comfort zone, so she was one person where even if society looked at her and had a problem with her she would work regardless of what others thought of her. That is something that would motivate us as children of the 21st century. Martin Luther King is also a person I look up to very much. He actually fought for humans regardless of whether they were black and white. That is where humanity actually came into play. That even has to be highlighted in history,” added Wanduragala.

Wanduragala also firmly believes in finishing what you started. If you don’t finish what you started then you are neither here or nor there. But if you can finish what you started then you can actually achieve something.

“In the times we live in, students would initiate something. Begin something. But they never finish it. My mother is my biggest role model and what she has taught me from my small days is to actually finish what you start. So many start different things, but they don’t finish because the ones who finish what they have started are actually those that are remembered,” stated Wanduragala.

Wandurugala also feels that without constantly grumbling about what our leaders are doing wrong, if you want to see change then do it yourself. Reach the higher echelons of society and effect change on your own.

Gender inequality

“People also spend time blaming the hierarchy or the top people in society. But what we as a younger generation have to do is work our way and get up there and then create change from the top. I am very ambitious and I want to get into law faculty and then become a lawyer. I also like international relations so I would like to get into that field,” said Wanduragala.

She sees corruption and discrimination happening all around her and this is not the only gender-based. She feels strongly about gender inequality which is a big problem. But there are other types of discrimination. Your race, religion, colour and country.

“There is so much discrimination happening in the world. And you need to think to yourself the person next to you may be of another race or religion but that he/she is another human. Your colour or gender or nationality is irrelevant because that person is a human being. You should know how to handle people in an appropriate way without hurting their feelings,” explained Wanduragala.

In addition to debating which is normally done indoors, she excels on the field. She has been playing Tennis since 2011.

“I have been representing school since 2011 till now and I have played for National School Tournaments and we were placed second runners-up in 2015. I have senior colours. I have been having junior colours for three years,” said Wanduragala.

Big difference

Wanduragala has only one message to the youth. The power of being yourself. Because that is the message that will change the world. Your abilities and personality have been personally designed.

There is only one you. There has never been a person quite like you in history.

“What I would like to tell all these girls and boys is that if you want to get up there, just be yourself. You do not have to be a duplicate. You could make a big difference in this world if you would just be yourself. Originality is better than being a duplicate,” said Wanduragala.

Wanduragala is emotionally moved by leaders who stand up for the rights of others.

“My favourite movie would be Invictus. It is about Nelson Mandela and it is one touching movie and I would advise everyone to watch. I also like Cassandra Clare’s books. I read those books during my leisure times. If I was to travel the world I would actually like to go to France. I have had this dream since I was small to go to the Eiffel Tower,” pointed out Wanduragala. 


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