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Retired railway workers requested to report for work


Railway Additional General Manager, Vijaya Samarasinghe today requested retired engine drivers, railway guards, station masters and controllers to report for duty with immediate effect.

Retired workers who are willing to come back should report to Additional General Manager (Operations) 

Samarasinghe also ordered stationmasters, engine drivers and railway controllers working on contract basis to report for duty immediately as railway service has been declared as an essential service by the government.

The department will be compelled to terminate the employment of those who fail to heed the orders, he added.


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This is a very good decision of the Government as the intransigence of the strikers shows how little they care for the public service and the country. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they be taken back given all the time and dead lines to do so. They shoulod not baken back even as new employees and left alone to fend for themsleves having drawn a salary of 2.5 lakhs!!!!! We appeal to the Government to stand firm and consider the vacation of posts as solid, permanent and irreversible and to ensure that the retired persons who report for duty are given a good deal as after all they are the ones who stepped forward to save this situation. Therefore let the strikers go in striking but please do not take them back under any circumstances.


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