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[CITIZENS' Mail - (11-12-2017)]

Creating a respectful workplace

Generally good behaviours are given due respect everywhere, but the workplace behaviour is different from the common behaviour of the people and when someone working in an office or company they should adhere to certain behaviour patterns in order to survive in a particular company. The following list of behaviours has been considered as respectful workplace behaviour and it will be useful to everyone who is already working in companies and whoever is going to work in a company in the future.

* Be punctual to meetings and considerate of other’s time

* Give credit to those who deserve it

* Be supportive of others’ ideas during meetings

* Encourage your fellow team members to share their suggestions and opinions

* Give your full attention to others when they are speaking

* Ask people if they would like to be put on or remain on an e-mail distribution list

* Ask team members appropriate questions about their personal lives for example, “How old are your children?”

* Ask another team member for advice

* Ask a team member how you could help him or her

* Invite someone you don’t know well out for lunch

* Be patient and give others the time they need to reflect on an issue, ask questions, share their thoughts, or come to a decision

* Give “straight” feedback in a supportive and constructive manner

* Give people as much advice advance notice as possible when assignments are due or meetings are to take place

* Leave an appreciative or congratulatory note on someone’s desk

* Let other meeting participants know in advance if you will be late, if you will have to leave early, or if you will have to take an urgent call

* Introduce yourself to someone from another team

* Ask a team member to give you feedback on your performance

* Apologize when you’ve made a mistake

* Seek to understand others’ perspectives especially when you disagree

* When presenting your ideas, say, “I’d like to offer my perspective.”

* Let others know that you’ve been actively listening by saying, “Let me be sure I understand your point of view”

* Respect promptly to e-mail and phone calls

* Ask people their preferred mode of communication - for example, in person, by telephone, or by e-mail

* Talk to people not about people

* The basics: hold the door open; say “please” and “thank you”; say “good morning,” “have a nice evening,” and “I hope you have a nice weekend”; look people in the eye when you speak to them; and clean up after yourself. If anyone practices these behaviours in workplace that will pave the way for successful, friendly and respectful workplace atmosphere.

M. Jalaldeen Isfan



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