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Albert Moses of Mind Your Language fame laid to rest today

The Mind Your Language cast.
The Mind Your Language cast.

Sri Lankan born actor Albert Moses who became famous for his character Ranjeet Singh, a Sikh from Punjab ('A THOUSAND APOLOGIES') in the ITV sitcom Mind Your Language died in London September 15. He was 79.

The remains of Albert Moses will be buried at St.Andrew's Church in his native Gampola today.

Ranjeet Singh

Moses, who was based in the United Kingdom began his acting career in the 1960s in India where he acted in several films. From India, he moved to Africa where he undertook work on documentaries.

Albert Moses has been involved with the film and television industry for over 30 years starting in India where he acted in 7 films.

In the UK, Albert has been involved in a great number of diverse projects, several of which were ventures filmed around the globe.

In his younger days, Albert's specialties as an actor included: fencing, dancing, singing, motor-cycle stunts, karate and judo. He is fluent in English, Arabic, Tamil, Sinhalese, moderate German and Sanskrit. One of Albert's popular themes was playing the double of Clarke Gable. He has played in film, television and theatrical productions with many respected actors including: Kirk Douglas, Oliver Reed, Sir John Gielgud, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Charles Dance, Kenneth Williams, Benny Hill, Tim Piggott Smith, Pamela Stevenson, Diana Rigg and many others.

During his extensive career, he has also worked with many internationally renowned directors including John Landis, John Houston, Rob Cohen and Alan Parker. He did prominent roles in many theatre productions such as Freeway at National Theatre Phædra Britannica with Dame Diana Rigg. Long March to Jerusalem at Watford Theatre are few of the many.

He starred in movies such as The Man Who Would Be King - A John Houston film with Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer, The Spy Who Loved Me - James Bond Movie with Roger Moore, Stand Up Virgin Soldiers - EMI, Carry On Emmanuelle - as an Indian doctor, The Little Drummer Girl - EMI, The Awakening - Columbia Pictures, An American Werewolf In London - John Landis Movie, The Great Quest - with Oliver Reed, Pink Floyd, The Wall - Alan Parker Film, Octopussy - James Bond Movie (as Saddrudin - undercover British agent in India), Jungle Book II - Walt Disney, East Is East - Channel Four Films, Scandalous - with Sir John Gielguld and Pamela Stevenson. 

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Thank you Albert aka Ranjit Singh for all the laughs. Though it has been many, many years since MYL went off the air, I still watch the dvds and enjoy the laughs everytime. Will continue to be amused by your dialogues till my dying day.

I agree. I'm watching the series almost every evening with my husband and we laugh a lot. The cast matched so well! I'm sorry for the tragic end of 'Mr Brown'.

There was no news of Mr Albert Moses' passing. I knew he was a versatile actor including playing parts in the "James Bond" franchise. Perhaps I best know Mr Moses in the multicultural sitcom "Mind Your Language" which aired in Australia. My friends from the Asia-Pacific region would laugh out loud when the show screened in their region like Malaysia. In recent years, while I was a student I used to write to Mr Moses via the email and he would always kindly reply. May God in His infinite mercy welcome him, Anthony Pleticos, LLB(UNSW), Sydney Australia

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