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Over 200 entries for Nilwala SMSC Drag Race 2017

Over 140 fast cars and 60 motorcycles driven and ridden by top drivers and riders in the racing arena will be seen in action as they taken on each other at the Nilwala SMSC Drag Race 2017 at the Katukurunda Air Force Base track from 8am onwards on Saturday December 9.

The Nilwala SMSC Drag Race 2017 has been organized jointly by Nilwala Lions Club, the Southern Motor Sports Club (SMSC), the Young Southern Motor Sports Club (YSMSC) in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit.‘

Drag Racing is a race between two participants where the loosing driver is eliminated while the winner advances to the next round until an ultimate champion is crowned. The track distance for ‘Nilwala SMSC Drag Race 2017’ is 400 meters while an international level Christmas tree lighting system is to be adopted. The profits from the event will be for the Nilwala Lions Club’s children’s scholarship project. The event list for ‘Nilwala SMSC Drag Race 2017’ is as follows

1 .Cars up to 1000cc

2. Cars 1001cc to 1300cc

3. Cars 1301cc to 1500cc

4. Cars 1501cc to 1600cc

5 Cars 1801cc up to 2500cc

6 Cars Electric/Hybrid up to 120kw

7. Cars up to 1600cc Turbo Open

8 Cars Starlet GT One Make

9 Cars 2WD Open

10 Cars 4WD Open

11 Cars up to 2000cc AWD Stock Turbo

12 Trucks & Jeep Open

13 BMW Club One Make

14 Lancer Club One Make

15 Bikes Super Sports 600cc

16 Bikes Super Sport 1000cc

17 Bike Super Motard Open

18 Bikes Sports Touring

19 Modified Motor Cycles Up to 250cc 


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