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No Cabinet approval for Rajapaksa Museum - FCID

The D.A.Rajapaksa memorial.
The D.A.Rajapaksa memorial.

The Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) has informed the Colombo Magistrate’s Court that Cabinet approval has not been obtained for the D.A.Rajapaksa Memorial Museum in Weerakatiya, Medamulana. The project does not have the approval of the Weerakatiya Pradeshiya Sabha also, the FCID informed court, filing a report yesterday.

It was revealed that the Navy had provided manpower for the construction on the verbal instructions of former Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and on the written instructions of then Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (LRDC) Chairman, Harshana de Silva.

The FCID informed court that no legal agreement had been entered into by the LRDC and project officials. The Weerakatiya Pradeshiya Sabha development officer had informed FCID that approval had not been obtained for this Museum.

The LRDC told FCID that Cabinet approval had not been obtained and the Corporation has violated financial regulations in payments made for the project. Chairman Harshana de Silva had inspected the premises with engineer Eshana Ranawake and former Speaker Chamal Rajapakse, who had come to inspect construction work. The BOQ was done on September 13, 2013 on the instructions of LRDC Chairman Harshan de Silva. LRDC legal officers acknowledged the fact that they had not monitored the project properly, since no one responsible from the project came for supervision. 


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By all means what is the right they (former regime) have to spend the state money for their personal family work, and also disrespecting forces by using the navy personals as their workers for that parents monumental museum construction. This is kind of a disrespecting for their dead parents, as peoples blames and curse by the people who are suffering from poverty and poor living by facing circumstances and inconveniences. What have to say is kind of a mental sickness , that can see as (Raja Pissuwa) to joins his name and the regime period to past ancient kings eras. True that he ends up the ruthless terrorism by devotions of tri forces and police , but that doesn't mean to makes them as workers or labourers or for their thuggish work , just because nobody opens the mouth during that regime period , also nobody can be goes over them . People mustn't forget past , atleast now there is a freedom to talk and to live with out a fear . They make high ways , high rise buildings , jogging tracks ,ponds, water fountains , night races, entertainments and many more by taking loans and corruptions . If the people are guilty and not happy and free, what's the use , everything is for them , their relatives close associates , henchman's and the country's certain class that affords to , and others are the same as there poor daily routines . And the outer areas and villages will be same and they will live as poor they born to suffer . This may too long , but all this my experiences of reading all online political articles and Sri Lankan (my country's) tv news. May gods blessed to Sri Lanka .


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