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Event to memorialise tusker Dala Poottuwa

Slain iconic Galgamuwa tusker  'Dala Poottuwa'.
Slain iconic Galgamuwa tusker 'Dala Poottuwa'.

Perhaps for the first time in history, the villagers of Siyambalangamuwa have decided to hold a ‘Dharma Deshanayak’ and invocation to the Gods in memory of the slain tusker Dala Poottuwa of Galgamuwa.

The two events are scheduled to be held on the banks of the Galgamuwa, Usgala Siyambalangamuwa Lake on December 8 and 9. The Dharma Deshanawa which is to be held on December 8 night will be followed by the offering of alms for the tusker. On December 9 morning, the invocation to the Gods will take place followed by alms to the Maha Sangha.

The events are being organized by the Usgala Siyambalangamuwa villagers together with the Galgamuwa area journalists association. All have been invited to join in on the event to memorialize the tusker who was part of the heritage of Galgamuwa. 


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