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Vogue’s Precious Stone Classics!:

Celebrating the magic of the season

With the seasonal cool breeze swirling around and the soft, silky hair fluttering against your face, the wind of fresh creations at Vogue Jewellers are sure to give you an edge this winter. The new bold forms of truly genuine precious stone studded jewellery by Vogue Jewellers blow through the ranks of jewellery designs of the season, celebrating the magic of the season.

“This genuine precious stone jewellery collection brings about classic modernity, giving you endless mix and match options to suit your very own unique style. It is a collection of truly exuberant big, bold creations and the more dainty fine jewellery. From rich reds in Ruby, Garnet, Hessonite Garnet and deep russet shades in Topaz, Citroen and Cinnamon Stone to the fresh watery hues of Acquamarine and Blue Topaz; or the vibrant Amethyst, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald; or the more subtle hues of Spinels and Tourmalines, these creations will create a great sensation this season, making the celebrations so magical’” states Vogue Jewellers in a press release.

Its wide range includes pendants, ear studs, drop earrings, rings, cocktail rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, tie pins and cufflinks. These fine jewellery is offered to you in many choices of metal - 22 karat gold, 18 karat gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. Whether you are looking for versatile precious stone studded jewellery that can be matched with several outfits or those made of your birthstone, at Vogue Jewellers you can select just what you are looking for to suit your need and the budget.

At Vogue, a qualified and well experienced team of professionals take great care to select only the highest grade of genuine precious stones.

They are hand cut by experts who have mastered the art of gem cutting and polishing. Each stone is put under the scrutiny of an entire panel of experts with extensive experience. The final finished piece of jewellery is put under rigorous tests to ensure that only the best reaches you. Every Precious stone above 3.0karats is backed by a certificate issued by GRS. Further, Vogue Jewellers gives you a lifetime guarantee for all its jewellery.

Genuine precious stones are worn for many reasons beyond fashion. They are popular due to their healing powers, the protection they are believed to provide, augment the positive attributes, bringing you good luck and prosperity, keeping misfortune away. Sri Lanka, laden with complex gemstone deposits produces an exponential amount of precious and semi precious precious stones, so much so earning the name “Ratnadveepa- the Land of Gems” in the ancient times.

The much revered travellers such as Marco Polo and the traders from world over frequented old Ceylon for the spectacular gemstones. From the legendary King Solomon’s gift to the Queen of Sheba, the Rosser Reeve’s Star Ruby at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, many precious jewels treasured by the Royals world over and the Eye of the Lion - the 465 karat Cat’s Eye are a few among the world famous gemstones among the endless streams of precious gems of Sri Lanka has produced. 



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