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‘Diva IdameVasanawa’ celebrates seventh edition of winners

‘Diva IdameVasanawa’ and gold coin winners.
‘Diva IdameVasanawa’ and gold coin winners.

There can be few greater joys than owning your own home. Diva consumers, the first steps towards this ultimate dream was recently made a reality with the Seventh edition of Diva’s ‘IdameVasanawa’ winners.

Celebrated in the country as a popular and much-loved mega consumer promotional campaign, consumers islandwide look forward to Diva’s annual ‘IdameVasanawa’ with much anticipation.

Diva is recognized as a symbol of making dreams comes true and as a brand synonymous with helping consumers reap rich rewards. The ‘IdameVasanawa’ competition organised by Hemas Manufacturing and Diva with a period of over seven years presented 25 plots of precious land to lucky winners.

Additionally since the competition began, consumers have also received over 590 cash prizes, 54 gold coins, and other attractive gifts including motor cycles, refrigerators, washing machines and sewing machines.

During this year’s 7th edition of ‘IdameVasanawa’ Diva consumers have been gifted with three plots of land, 12 gold coins and 91 cash rewards.

Explaining Hemas continuing commitment in rewarding consumers with land, Fiona Munasinghe, General Manager (Marketing), Hemas Manufacturing said, “For our consumers, the annual ‘IdameVasanawa’ is a symbol of hope that dreams can be realised. We are extremely proud that we have been able to gift 25 plots of land todate providing unimaginable joy to all recipients.”

Diva has a wide range of washing powders; Diva Regular comes in a fresh citrus fragrance while ‘Diva Flowers’ is available in Rose and Lime, Jasmine and Lime variants and Sepalika and Lime variants. Diva’s new and improved array of detergent soaps is now offered in lemon, lime and jasmine fragrances. 



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