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Addalaichenai Traders Association opens office

Addalaichenai Traders’ Association Office was opened at Addalaichenai Development Society (ADS) building complex in the Addalaichenai DS division recently.

The chief guest at the occasion was Trincomalee District Judge N.M. Abdullah. The Addalaichenai Traders’ Association Deputy President A.S.M. Uwais presided at the occasion.

Eastern Province Chief Ministries’ Secretary U.L.A. Azees, Addalaichenai Divisional Secretary T.J. Athisayaraj, Addalaichenai All Mosques Federation President and Senior Lecturer of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka A.L. Hanees, Addalaichenai Development Society (ADS) officials and members of the Addalaichenai Traders’ Association were present at the occasion.


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