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Surf Excel Matic Liquid from Unilever SL

Unilever Sri Lanka has been the pioneer in the laundry market by continuously creating innovative solutions to suite changing consumer needs. In early 1900 Unilever created the branded laundry market in Sri Lanka with the entry of Sunlight soap.

Thereafter in 1960 introduced washing powder to the Sri Lankan consumer with the brand Rinso, making laundry convenient and efficient to consumers. This was followed by the introduction of Surf Excel and Sunlight detergent powder to cater to different consumer needs in terms of laundry. Creating yet another revolution in the laundry market Unilever is now introducing Surf Excel Matic Liquid to the Sri Lankan consumers.

“Our consumers are progressive and juggle multiple aspects in life. With more and more consumers using washing machines they are looking for convenient solutions that gives good results. Understanding this need we are introducing Surf Excel Matic Liquid, especially made to suit the top load and front load washing machines, providing a superior laundry experience in the washing machine itself,” Unilever Sri Lanka Marketing Manager – Home Care Shamara Silva Perera commented.

“Surf Excel is a premium washing powder, which has been the pioneer in introducing innovative products.

With the launch of Surf Excel Matic Liquid consumers can expect great wash results in the washing machine as Matic Liquid will not leave residue, easily remove tough stains in the washing machine itself and provide a superior fragrance ensuring that clothes are not only clean but will also smell fresh. Since it produces the right amount of foam, Matic Liquid further ensures to provide great care for your washing machine,” Unilever Sri Lanka Surf Excel Brand Manager AbithaPathmanathan noted.

The launch of Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent further embodies this pledge and Unilever’s commitment to provide consumers with the best solutions that addresses their needs.


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