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[CITIZENS' Mail - (06-12-2017)]

Favouritism, thy name is shame

There were complaints that the previous government were appointing their friends and relations to important government positions. Have the position changed now? Are there a system and a policy to appoint people to important positions? Are there regulations? Who is making these appointments? Are applications called? Do all have opportunities to apply?

Let us do a study and see. What are these important positions? Is the selection process fair? Is it fair to appoint close relations and friends of politicians? Have those appointed got required training and experience? Who is looking into these issues? Our leaders are very clever to preach. However, they are very weak in practicing what they preach.

It is not difficult to appoint the correct person to any position. It is happening in most of the developed countries. Unfortunately we continue to appoint our friends and relations. Our leaders misuse their power and authority.

There is dissatisfaction everywhere. There is frustration everywhere. Some leaders think that the country is their private property. They do not follow accepted procedures. They act like dictators. We changed the government to correct this situation. But the situation has not changed.

They are favouring friends. They are favouring relations. They are favouring party supporters. They are favouring their area people. Things are not happening in a fair manner. There is a circle round every politician.

They are running the show. They enjoy all the privileges. The common man is very badly ignored.

Let us open our eyes and protest against these unfair practices. Most of the corruption is due to these corrupt appointments.

Do not keep silent when you observe these lapses. Fight for justice. Then only we can correct this situation. Show the leaders appointing friends and relations to important positions is also corruption.

It is also a way of stealing government money. It is not correct according to any religious teaching. It is also robbery.

D. Weeratunga



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