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World’s worst zoo

Tourists who flooded to a new zoo to see extremely rare penguins “from the South Pole” were furious when they realised the birds were all inflatable toys.

Guishan Zoo advertised the special event in Yulin City in China’s southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region which attracted huge crowds of locals and visitors.

With ticket prices set at a very affordable 15 Chinese Yuan Renminbi (£1.68), and with a chance to see animals such as arctic penguins, local residents had little reason not to take a look.

But after arriving at the attraction, they were left puzzled and then angry when the so-called “penguin exhibit” turned out to be a dozen plastic inflatable penguins.

To make matters worse, the only real animals to see at the zoo were chickens, ducks and tortoises.

The reptile was placed inside a glass display box and named a “fortune tortoise” so passers-by would chuck money at it.

The false advertising and the depressing photos from the penguin expo have since gone viral on social media and also made headlines across China.

Members of the public were unable to get their money back from the zoo, and most soon gave up and went home.



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