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Mini meals

The images of these mouth-watering platters might seem good enough to eat but they are actually miniscule works of art made from clay.

Stephanie Kilgast, 26, started making miniature food when she was playing with her dolls as a youngster but has now rekindled her childhood hobby and turned it into art.

She scours recipe books for dinners and desserts and uses the ideas to create her own tiny versions - which can fetch up to £500 each.

The French artist explained: “I re-discovered my passion in 2007 when I was searching for a new hobby and stumbled upon miniature food which I used to make for my Barbie dolls as a kid. I was soon addicted to it and I haven’t stopped making them since.”

The designs including salmon steaks, sushi, pizza, chocolate brownies, ice cream and fruit platters are sculpted out of polymer clay and then baked in an oven... just like an actual meal.

Cooking the clay hardens the designs, that range in size from just 0.5 ins to 2 ins, which can then be sold to doll’s house collectors or even as items of jewellery.

Stephanie, from Vannes in Brittany, is amused by playing around with scale of the pieces - as are her customers.

“I like sculpting food, because of the various shapes, textures and colours,” she said.

“The miniatures are fun because you feel like a giant, it feels like you could put the world in your pocket. As a girl, I tend to like futile things like jewellery and it’s fun, wearing miniature food is even funnier. When people see the miniatures they they smile and turn into children and start playing.”



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