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Fusion dance redefined

In any society basically, dance is divided into three varieties. One is the classical form, other is folk dance and the other is ritual dance. All classical dances, folk dances and ritual dances reflect the culture, tradition, religion and regional social practices and social background of the selective society.

Classical dance, folk dance and ritual dance have certain norms and all provide equal opportunities for creativity, within the limited framework. All classical dances, folk dances and ritual dances have certain defined clarified items. Each item of the classical dance, folk dance and ritual dance has its own defined order and use certain ornaments and well-designed costumes and selective make-up. Similarly, every classical, folk and ritual dance is based on certain selective music.

Some are accompanied by vocal and instrumental music together and some are only accompanied by vocal music and some are only accompanied by instrumental music. Hence all the classical, folk and ritual dances have a historical background and development.

Emerging trends

Some of the folk and ritual dances are practised only for certain festivals and occasions. During the mid and last quarter of 20th century, a new trend has strongly emerged and penetrated in the dance world.

Some of the dance choreographers and dance teachers have introduced a new type of dance form to attract a maximum number of students and audience. Sometimes one particular dance form is mixed-up with numerous other classical dances, together without any well-established codes or basic norms. This new creativity dance form is called fusion dance.

Sometimes fusion dance is a mixture of classical and folk dances. For these dances, no proper music is adopted. Mostly fusion music or light music is adopted with a variety of instrumental music for fusion dances. The music is chosen in accordance with the rhythmic vibrancy of the dance and the dance movements.

The present trend of fusion dance choreographers is to attract the public and exploit the students’ interest. Choreographers introduce numerous self-styled methods with the combination and with the influence of classical and folk dances.

All these creativity dance forms come under the name of modern fusion dances. These dances are promoted by some fusion dance choreographers to gain popularity among the people and attract the youngsters for entertainment purposes. Fusion dance is only used for entertainment purposes.

Fusion dances

Numerous modern technologies are also introduced and used in these dance forms. Especially a variety of lighting systems is used for the fusion dances. Spotlights, follow up lights, footlights, focus lights and rotating colour lights are some of the lighting systems used in the modern stages of the fusion dance programmes.

Most of the fusion dancers use real classical dance ornaments with self-designed colourful costumes. These fusion dances don’t have proper well defined or well-established structural format or principles. Creativity, involvement, interest and individual talents of the choreographers play important role in the fusion dances. Basically, the aim of the choreographers of the fusion dances is to attract the maximum amount of viewers for their shows.


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