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Environmental issues in focus

Thwe members of the Rotarians with the Chief Guest
Thwe members of the Rotarians with the Chief Guest

‘Project Eden ’ was an exhibition organized collectively by the Interact Clubs of Colombo North, D.S. Senanayake College and the British School in Colombo, at the R.I.T. Alles Hall, D.S. Senanayake College recently.

The main objective of this initiative is to educate the youth on pressing environmental issues including wildfires, deforestation, coastal erosion, wildlife endangerment and global warming.

The project discussed solutions to these problems for the youth of today to become the saviours of tomorrow. Project Eden was an interactive session and a unique platform to enhance knowledge.

The organizers main intention was that all participants to make use of this opportunity in enhancing new environmental bonds for the future.

Past President Colombo Rotary Club of Colombo North Rtn. Marshad Barry was the Chief Guest at the occasion and he insist that it was indeed great pleasure to see the present youth taking initiative and coming forward to find solutions to burning issues such as environmental issues quoting famous Chinese saying “ The Best time to plant a Tree was twenty years ago, But the second Best time is Today”. He also distributed the certificates among the participants. Secretary of the Interact Club of Colombo North Int. Himadri Mayadunne presented a token of appreciation to the Chief Guest. 


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The interest shown by various organisations, now, is more the attraction to gain publicity and nothing else. Hardly any genuine concern is shown, and after the show it is business as usual. Our country is on the road to destruction and struggling for life. What with weak governance and the deterioration of law and order, and the dereliction of the economy. Facts at the bottom end of living is at a new low and is different to the declarations of everything is 'Hunky DORY' is incorrect and, mostly misleading.


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