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Ferrell finds unlikely co-star in Mel Gibson

This family reunion comes with a dose of holiday hijinks — and some extra baggage.

Will Ferrell’s new comedy, “Daddy’s Home 2,” centers around his overly earnest character Brad Whitaker co-existing with his wife’s rough-and-tough ex-husband Dusty Mayron (played by Mark Wahlberg), until drama ensues when their respective fathers come to town for Christmas.

The film features a controversial cast addition in Mel Gibson, who stars in his first family comedy in over a decade after his infamous 2006 drunk-driving arrest and anti-Semitic rant, followed by audio of hateful tirades against an ex-girlfriend that was released four years later.

Gibson, who plays Dusty’s bad-boy father Kurt in the new film, has slowly returned to Hollywood after a lengthy hiatus from mainstream moviemaking, notably starring in the 2014 thriller “The Expendables 3” and directing the Oscar-nominated war drama “Hacksaw Ridge” last year. Ferrell believes viewers will embrace seeing Gibson, 61, in a different type of role.

“He’s going to open audiences’ eyes with how great he is in comedy,” Ferrell told the Daily News.

“I think this was kind of a fun thing for him to step outside, be on camera after having an absence for a while, and also (doing) a family, PG-13 comedy was something he hasn’t really done,” he said. “I think if he chooses to do more of that, he’s going to be more than back.”

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‘Daddy’s Home 2’ is screening at Majestic Cineplex, Empire Arcade, Regal - Gampaha, Liberty Lite and other film halls islandwide. It is a CEL release


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