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Blessings from Mahanayake thera

President Maithripala Sirisena who was in Kandy met and received blessings from the Most Ven.Napane Pemasiri, the Mahanayake thera of the Ramanya Chapter yesterday. (Picture by President’s Media Division) 


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The scientific string theory at center of all quantum particles in all our cells and DNA in us, continues to vibrate with the original words of the creator, upholding this world getting out of sync as it spins through space according to his laws of gravity, electromagnetic forces and the likes. The external strings we tie on our bodies, must resonate, vibrate and harmonise with those absolute truths through pure, guided, karmaless thought patterns coming from the inside of our beings in meditation in truth. Then truth comes on the outside of us and can be recognized by others as the right garment. Otherwise it is darkness where light has gone out like the fall of the destroyer leaving behind, dark matter, dark holes and also darkened minds drawn to the evil destroyer causing EQ, tectonic mishaps, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, dark skies and other cosmic events depending on messages from stars and the like, but not depending on absolute truth. There is only ONE ABSOLUTE TRUTH in this whole universe, being aware we may not possess 100%

These threads tie up souls together (soul ties) in this case the kamma of the one who ties comes on the receiver. It is fear and insecurity towards unknown evil we seek protection from. Better do right living in every circumstance than lose sleep over guilt and condemnation. Google soul ties.


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