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Fun Run for a worthy cause!

(From left to Right) BOC Card  Centre, Chief Manager, R. D. Wimalasena,TNL Radio, Dino Corera,  Bolt Gear, Shafraz Mansoor, TAFA Coaching, Founder, Thaabit Ahmed, Hilton Colombo Residences,General Manager,Karim Schadlou, Hilton Colombo Residences, Manager – Marketing, Thivanka Tennekoon, Hilton Colombo Residences, Manager – Sports and Recreation, Ranga Perera. Picture by Sulochana Gamage
(From left to Right) BOC Card Centre, Chief Manager, R. D. Wimalasena,TNL Radio, Dino Corera, Bolt Gear, Shafraz Mansoor, TAFA Coaching, Founder, Thaabit Ahmed, Hilton Colombo Residences,General Manager,Karim Schadlou, Hilton Colombo Residences, Manager

In celebrating wellness and good health, Hilton Colombo Residences in collaboration with Thaabit Ahmed Football Academy (TAFA) presented FUN RUN 2017, held for the 10th year. The HILTON TAFA FUN RUN 2017 a charity run spanning 4km and 2km for adults and children respectively and was held last Sunday at 6:30am. All proceeds collected were donated towards the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital. The official press conference was held last week.

At the press conference held to announce the fun run last week, Hilton Colombo Residences, General Manager, Karim Schadloupointed out that the run is a 100 percent fund raiser for the Lady Ridgeway Hospital. Schadlou said that this was an opportunity to give back to the community. Hilton is always keen on familiarizing its team members with healthy living. Schadlou expressed his deep enthusiasm at the prospect of this run.

“This year, we have partnered with the Thaabit Ahmed Football Academy (TAFA) for better reach. Hilton as a company has many programs that focus on the overall well-being its guests with the ‘Meet with Purpose’ initiative and team members with a program called THRIVE that both focuses on mind, body, and spirit. We believe that this family event is ideal for children and parents to participate to spend time together and foster a sense of friendly competitiveness. All proceeds will be donated towards charity,” said Schadlou.

TAFA is a very successful academy with energetic soccer players supported by the parents. So partnering with Hilton is a brilliant idea as they share the common goal of healthy living. Hopefully this collaboration will continue into the future.

“It has been an extremely memorable event and one that has been very successful in the past and I am sure it will be very successful this time around as well. This is all about the team members, the participants and the public. These kind of events create that change that we all expect,” said Schadlou.

TAFA Coaching, Founder,Thaabit Ahmed pointed out that TAFA was started to give children an opportunity to play football. This is done in a fun, safe and organized environment. It was a dream in 2009 and now it has become a reality. Now TAFA has come far with a structured organization. The ages are four to 16 years old and there are roughly 200 – 220 kids.

“Last week we celebrated our eighth birthday. So what started as a little dream has now become a really amazing initiative and an academy. Aside from football we have focused a lot on giving back to the community. This is why this partnership with Hilton is so important. We are also giving back to the community through our Street Kids Project. We want to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. And the fun run supports this active lifestyle. So this is extremely important for us,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed mentioned that Hilton is supporting TAFA since 2015, as the official hospitality partner. Every year when there is an international camp, Hilton is very generous enough to accommodate the foreign coaches. Ahmed evinced his pleasure at the fact that all funds will be contributed to the Lady Ridgeway hospital.

Hilton Colombo Residences, Manager – Sports & Recreation, Ranga Perera commented how the event proceeded.

“The route for adults will commence from Hilton Colombo Residences at Staple Street, proceed towards Union Place, Rifle Street, Malay Street, and return to the hotel via D R Wijewardene Mawatha end at the hotel. The total distance will be 4.2km. For the under fifteen age group, the 2km route will use the same route but will have a shorter distance. The categories for event will have the winner for women, men, and children’s categories,” said Perera. Hilton Colombo Residences, Manager – Marketing,Thivanka Tennekoon explained that the significance of the event is that they are supporting Human Wellbeing. At Hilton Human Wellbeing is within the guests and the employees as well as within the community.

“We would like to thank the sponsors who have come on board. I must say that all the proceedings including monetary proceedings will be given to Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospitals. We are buy four infusion pumps for Lady Ridgeway. That itself shows the value of this event,” said Tennekoon.

Bolt Gear, Shafraz Mansoor said the Bolt Gear focuses on healthy living and for this purpose you need to have good active wear. They have been partnering with Hilton for a long time and that isone way, where they are giving back to the community.

“We are privileged to be a part of this as the proceeds are going towards a good cause. I understand how important it is to be active. So Bolt Gear would like to take part in these community events by playing a role like this. Because at the end of the day we all benefit. Lady Ridgeway Hospital benefits by this and also the initiative of leading a healthy and active lifestyle benefits from this,” said Mansoor.

TNL Radio, Dino Corera pointed out that TNL Radio is a heritage station. They have been in the business for 20 years. Corera also stated that there has been a partnership over the years between TNL and JAIC Hilton.

“As a station what we have noticed about our younger audiences is that they are into wellness, health and fitness. They all want to be part of an active lifestyle. It is ideal for TNL to promote an active and healthy lifestyle amongst our young listeners. This of course ties in with a good cause – the Lady Ridgeway Hospital. So an active and healthy lifestyle is so important. This will contribute in making Sri Lanka a much healthier country. So TNL is extremely proud to be a part of this,” stated Corera.

BOC Card Centre, Chief Manager, R. D. Wimalasenastated the Fun Run will be a very fun event for a worthy cause. This is why BOC immediatelyagreed to be a part of this.

“Our effort is to make the nation healthy financially. We want to make society one that is healthy and also wealthy. So we are constantly trying to create such platforms,” said Wimalasena. 


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