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Multi-cultural education will help inter-faith harmony

The key to inter-faith harmony lies in a multi-cultural education. Multi-cultural education encourages pluralism. Right education creates a reverence for diversity in nature and a sense of belonging with the whole world.

Opening up a child’s mind to respecting other religions bringing up a child in a world that encourages human values like a sense of oneness with others, trust and compassion is the sustainable solution.

When children understand that human values exist in all great traditions, when children glimpse the humanity of believers of other faiths and when children know that truth is expressed outside their own religion, then narrow-mindedness, the root of terrorism will not survive.

The only way to get rid of fanaticism in the world is through education that is broad-based, multi-cultured and multi-religious, so that a child growing up is not narrow-minded. He or she will respect the teachings of other religions also.

When multi-cultured education takes hold, especially amongst the young religious leaders, then future harmony is assured. Progressive times require a new indoctrination – one that raises human values above everything else and promotes oneness of humanity. Interfaith harmony lies in its spiritual foundation. Integrating people by awakening the core of every religious teaching – universal brotherhood and love. Spirituality unites people and promotes people into doing something constructive for the world. These inspirations that come from within will enable us to act better.

Spirituality, will pave the way for a reined way thinking which is all encompassing, uplifting and unifying. The most effective, and perhaps only tool towards building long-lasting inter-faith harmony.

D. Weeratunga


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