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New emergency number to provide relief for affected people

Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena has instructed the District Secretaries to provide immediate relief services for those affected by the adverse weather disasters.

A new emergency number 1902 has been introduced to provide information about any disastrous situation and the public can use this number to report about any disaster in their respective Grama Niladhari division.

Emergency relief services would be provided efficiently and swiftly togehter with the required funds.

The minister had given directions to the Home Affairs Ministry to provide relief to the affected people and pay compensation for damaged properties due to the harsh weather conditions.

The District Secretaries are also advised to provide immdiate relief and temporary places of refuge for the affected people.

The Home Affairs Ministry informs the public to be vigilant.

Information regarding damaged houses and properties can be informed to the Grama Niladhari and compensation will be provided as soon as possible. 


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