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Can Sangha Order be protected?

K. Suriyaperuma of Rathanapitiya in his letter to Daily News on November 28 offers a pertinent question as to why former Minister for Justice and Buddhist Affairs Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has not touched on a monk (one can easily guess who the monk is as Suriyaperuma is from Rathanapitiya, in the close proximity to a famous temple where the Chief Incumbent dabbles in politics, in the guise of national interest and hurries tie Pirith Noola to politicians and hold Bodhi Poojas for the victory of his political favourites and the political party.) who distributed Sil Redi. In defence of this monk, it should be said that a monk is expected to accept whatever offered as alms, however, to agree with Suriyaperuma, the circumstances under which this meritorious act was performed is questionable. It is therefore left to the Attorney General to consider Suriyaperuma’s request to charge this monk for aiding and abetting a fraudulent act.

Such monks - they are only a few - should be hounded out in the national interest and to save Buddhism being discredited and also the revered Yellow Robe, which is losing respect.

Let us all as true Buddhists and who wish to safeguard the Noble teachings of the Buddha rally and oust them by not recognising them and paying reverence.

Thank you, K. Suriyaperuma for such exposure and it is hoped the Nayaka Theras and Heads of Nikayas too join hands with genuine monks and lay Buddhists to oust these errant monks and bring Buddhism, the Sangha and Buddha Sasana to their pristine glory.

Lionel Wijewardena
Kalagedihena West 

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