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PM warns UNP Parliamentarians

Refrain from indulging in political expediencies

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday warned the UNP Parliamentary Group to refrain from criticizing President Maithripala Sirisena.

The UNP Parliamentarians were specifically informed not make any statement in public which would harm the consensus of the unity government.

Addressing the UNP Parliamentary Group at the Parliamentary complex, the Premier made a special focus on a number of press conferences held by UNP Parliamentarians while he was on an official visit to India. He informed all Parliamentarians of the party not to hold any press conference without his consent in the future.

The Prime Minister has also kept the Parliamentarians informed about his meeting with the President after his return to the country. The Prime Minister has told UNP Parliamentarians that the President has apprised him that he is not in a position to prevent the SLFP from having discussions with the Joint Opposition and if he blocked such discussions, he would face criticism as a leader responsible for creating divisions in the party. It was also stressed at the UNP group meeting to strive for the victory at the future election without making the discussions between SLFP and Joint Opposition a issue.

Addressing a public meeting at Nikaweratiya in the Kurunegala district last Friday, President Maithripala Sirisena underscored the need for unity within his coalition government.

Addressing his critics, the President in an emotional address made it clear that he was prepared to put his job on the line in the interest of ensuring Good Governance and tackling corruption and fraud. “If there is undue criticism and complaints against the decisions taken by me to stop corruption and fraud, I am ready to leave all positions and join the people to continue the struggle,” he said. 

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