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[CITIZENS' Mail - (28-11-2017)]

Protecting Sangha Order

Former Justice and Buddha Sasana Minister Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has given the statistics of Buddhist monks who have alleged to have committed sexual abuse, artifact thefts, financial fraud, child abuse, rape, property theft. He also makes mention of monks remanded for disturbing the duty of the Court and also a prominent Buddhist monk possessing an elephant without a valid permit. He has not touched on monks who have distributed Sil Redi, perhaps they have not been charged. To a question raised in parliament by Minister, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka sometimes back, Dr Rajapakshe had tried to safeguard this errant monk.

Whatever it be, the Sangha stands accused of crimes which reflects badly on the religion – Buddhism, which the Noble Teacher Buddha, Siddharta Gauthama preached. Whoever tries to break the Sangha should first think of cleansing the Sangha of these men in yellow robes and bring discipline and that is how a breakup of the Sangha could be done for its betterment.

K. Suriyaperuma



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