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Justice League

Bigger but not better

We mostly get movies which have featured one or two prominent superheroes. Therefore five or six of your favourite superheroes in one movie is a much looked forward to treat indeed. This was the hype that is created around ‘Justice League’ – the movie which brings Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg together.

The plus point of the movie is that most of the action is highly enjoyable. Some of the jokes too make you chuckle and sit back to enjoy the action.

The whole Justice League team has ample chemistry to carry the movie. Though Superman seems to be the supreme superhero in the movie Gal Gadot steals his thunder as the charismatic Amazonian Wonder Woman. She manages to outshine the whole team not because she is its only female member but because of the energy she generates on the screen. Batman deserves more screen time since he is next in line to Superman but his character is not explored well. Since he is the one who unites all, director Zack Snyder should have done justice to his role by bringing his super powers into the limelight.

The biggest downside of the movie is probably that it is old wine in a new bottle. A villain who emerges from the past to take over the world and is beaten by a super group of united beings is a much hackneyed theme in superhero movies today. We recently had a taste of it in the latest ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ movie so it is tiring to see the same subject matter in focus in the next film to hit theaters.

Some chunks also seem to be missing in the tale. The action seems to be rushed with evidently last-minute CGI patchwork. The villain too is not scary enough for us to get any goosebumps.

The characters and big names linked with the movie save it from tanking in the box office but sans these factors this would have been a movie which would have been left best ignored. 


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