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[CITIZENS' Mail - (27-10-2017)]


Ven Bellanwila Wimalarathana Thera, representing the Buddha Sasana Karya Sadaka Mandalaya has proposed alternative provisions to the existing article of the Constitution. The main argument is doing away with the words ‘Republic of Sri Lanka’ and replacing with the word ‘Sri Lanka‘, which in his opinion is sinister as it would do away with the State responsibility to give Buddhism the foremost place and that the Republic of Sri Lanka.

Does this mean the Sangha hands over the responsibility to foster, safeguard Buddhism to the State and wash off their legitimate sacred, religious duty in fostering, spreading, protecting Buddhism? By removing the words ‘Republic of Sri Lanka’ and replacing with ‘Sri Lanka’ would it not mean that the entire Buddhist population, inclusive of the State, Buddhist organisations and Buddhist monks, or stakeholders to protect and foster Buddhism rather than making the State responsible, which amounts to politicisation of Buddhism, as sadly seen today where our leading Buddhist monks are provided with luxury cars, perks, employment and recognition at political meetings and functions, thus making them neglect their legitimate religious duties.

In turn, these Buddhist monks conduct Bodhi Poojas, distribute Sil Redi and organise Pindapatha to collect funds to pay a fine imposed by courts on corrupt public officers for favours granted. Thus, not only such actions bring disrepute to that noble religion -Buddhism - and the Sangha as well. Do these activities of Buddhist monks promote, foster Buddhism, may I ask?

It is high time the Mahanayaka Theras and leading Buddhist organisations take this matter seriously to wean out our Buddhist monks away from politics and confine them to temples to strictly function in catering to the needs of the Buddhist population and also spread and foster Buddhism. Let us all Buddhists in this country in one voice call upon the Sangha to give up politics without making Buddhism a tool in the hands of unscrupulous politicians. Beware crafty monks and politicians to save Buddhism.

I am subject to correction and any healthy criticism.

G. A. D. Sirimal



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