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In love with Yogyakarta!

Entrance to the Borobudur Temple
Entrance to the Borobudur Temple

You haven’t lived until you have visited Yogyakarta Indonesia! Truly my visit to Yogyakarta Indonesia was amazing. I can honestly say that if you are looking for comfort, adventure and unforgettable memories, Yogyakarta Indonesia is the place for you! It is a land of stupendous beauty and a land with a rich history and diverse culture. The place is another world, and it is fast becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.

We flew to Indonesia from Colombo to Singapore on Singapore Airlines and on Silk Air from Singapore to Yogyakarta. If you wanted to be treated like royalty and pampered, then Singapore Airlines is the flight for you! They are friendly and professional and are a class of their own. It was such a comfortable flight.

Yogyakarta is a paradise destination that has such potential. It is one of the top tourist destinations. On the Yogyakarta media tour we were taken on a journey that got better and better. There was so much to take in, so much to experience, the whole tour was enjoyable and thrilling, and an experience I will never forget.

Our first stop was our hotel, InnSide Melia Hotel. The service was more than satisfactory. This is definitely a hotel I would recommend because of the high standard.

This was the beginning of a media tour where we fell deeper in love with Yogyakarta with every passing hour.

Borobudur Temple

The first stop on our cultural excursion was the Borobudur Temple, a vast, fantastic and imposing structure. It is a Mahayana Buddhist temple which is also an architectural masterpiece! It is recognized by UNESCO andt has the reputation of being Indonesia’s largest and most beautiful temple. This amazing Buddhist temple is estimated to have been built between the end of the 7th century, and the beginning of the 8th century. A popular destination, the sculptured reliefs which number over 2672 are a representation of Buddhist philosophy. The Buddha statues, nearly 504, are very prominent in the temple. The sculptured reliefs are extremely fascinating with a story behind all of them. The Borobudur is certainly mysterious and one can spend the entire day absorbed in its unique architectural beauty. Borobudur Temple was built by King Samaratungga and the architect was Architect Gunadarma. It is one of the largest stupa complexes in the world. It is a must visit site if you are traveling to Yogyakarta.

However Yogyakarta is not only all about culture. It is also reputed to be a shopping destination! First stop was the Grand Ambarrukmo, easily twice the size of Majestic City! A shopping paradise, it has everything under one roof.

The next site on our tour was the Royal Palace. Walking through the palace, I was able to appreciate the significance of the place which had this aura of majesty, this atmosphere of royalty. I would certainly rate this site if you are a history buff! The current Sultan is Hamengkubuwono X. Sultan of Yogyakarta, a hereditary title that dates back to the eighteenth century. The royal palace is a splendid place and one of the icons of Yogyakarta. The Sultan is currently also the Governor of the modern Yogyakarta Special Region. The royal palace is an attractive place and is used for official functions, political meetings, and as the royal residence. Being a guard at the palace is a privilege and it is a job for life. It is considered a great honor to be a royal guard at the palace. Being a Sultan or a Guard, are two titles passed down through the generations. When a son is born, his father knows that his son will take on special responsibility.

Prambanan temple compound

Another site worthy of consideration is the Prambanan temple compound. Words can’t express the wonder I felt when I looked at this construction. It was like stepping into a world where time ceased to be. I felt like I had been transported into some sort of a tunnel connecting two points within the universe. I felt like I was suddenly in a different time and dimension!

Prambanan temple compound is a 9th century Hindu temple compound dedicated to the Trimurti – the expression of God as the creator (Brahma), the Sustainer (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva). The temple is a UNESCO World heritage site. Actually when visiting these temples, you sort of get the feeling that the old gods are still present, always watching you as you traverse through their domain!

Mount Merapi

Finally we visited Mount Merapi, an active stratovolcano. This was the most adventurous part of the tour as we traveled close to it. It was raining that day, so in our raincoats we journeyed in our jeeps. It was absolutely exhilarating. This was actually the item on the trip where I really got to connect with nature. The drizzling rain made the bumpy ride in the jeeps very enjoyable.

The restaurants around Yogyakarta were very pleasant. The culinary aspect of the tour also receives high praise from me!

And before we knew it the trip was over. It was a magnificent experience. Absolutely unforgettable. The food, lodgings and the fellowship was fabulous. A place where I would certainly like to go to again.

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Using the new flights in the morning gives a good time for hotel check in, dinner and good sleep to start the next day fresh in Singapore,” said Singapore Airlines PR and Premium Services Manager Sri Lanka Shihana Cader.

Another opportunity for the customers traveling with Singapore Airlines is that they will be able to redeem their Changi Dollar Voucher when transiting through Singapore Changi Airport. The voucher can be used at retail, food and service outlets at Changi Airport.

SilkAir Manager – Yogyakarta Hanafee Abdrahman said inbound tourism was growing strong.

“SilkAir started with just three flights a week and today it has grown to seven times a week.

The demand and possibilities of travel are picking up in Yogyakarta as connectivity inbound as well as outbound is good. The Government is also pushing inbound tourism. In terms of sightseeing, activities, food, and shopping we see potential in Yogyakarta. We are always trying to create a new Bali,” said Abdrahman.


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