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Seven accused get suspended sentence over youth’s abduction

Except for Colombo district Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra and a schoolboy, seven other accused who pleaded guilty for their involvement in the abduction of a youth using a Defender belonging to MP Hirunika Premachandra were yesterday given a suspended prison sentence by the Colombo High Court.

Colombo High Court Judge R.Gurusinghe sentenced seven accused to 2 years in prison suspended for 12 years.

Apart from the suspended sentence, the High Court ordered the seven accused to pay compensation of Rs.285,000 to the victim. The Court further ordered five accused to pay a fine of Rs.33,000 each for other charges. The eighth accused, a schoolboy (18) was ordered to be released on a bond of Rs.100,000 in accordance with Section 303 of the Criminal Procedure Code taking into consideration his age.

The High Court Judge observed that he was making this order taking into consideration the mitigating facts presented by defence that accused be given lenient sentence since they pleaded guilty to the charges at the inception.

The accused who were indicted are; Hirunika Premachandra, Kelum Niranjana, Kasun Malinda, Ruwan Pushpakumara, Mohammed Rizwan, Pasindu Sanjeewa, P.S. Abeysiriwardena, Sanjeewa Kumara and Jeganadacal. 


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