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Police on alert to nab treasure hunters

Galgamuwa Police in Kurunegala say that a certain well-organized group of treasure hunters are presently vandalizing historic places in the Kurunegala district often and hence, all Police stations within the district are now specially armed and on the alert to nab them.

The Buduruwakanda Raja MahaViharaya of Galgamuwa, Kurunegala, has been vandalized by treasure hunters and the vandals had taken away the valuable pinnacle of the historic Buddhist Raja Maha Viharaya from the ancient Pagoda Stupa, at night, last Sunday. The pinnacle was studded with precious gems and pure gold lotuses.

Temple Incumbent Ven. Herathgama Upananda Nayake Thera had informed the Galgamuwa Police about this matter and Galgamuwa Police are presently investigating the theft of the artifacts.

The incumbent had also previously informed the Police that several months ago, the antique bell of the temple too, was stolen.

A. Dayapala, a senior officer attached to the Department of Archeology in Kurunegala, told the Daily News that about 188 cases of treasure hunting were reported from various parts of both the Kurunegala and Puttalam districts of the North Western Province (NWP) during past ten months of this year.


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