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Welfare project for senior artists, journalists in NWP

North Western Provincial Council (NWP-PC) Chief Minister Dharmasiri Dassanayake has implemented a welfare project for senior artists and journalists in both Kurunegala and Puttalam districts of the North Western Province.

Accordingly, about 1,200 senior artists and journalists would get a monthly allowance of Rs. 3,500 each to cover up their medical expenses and other essential utility bills.

The chief minister told the media recently in Kurunegala that this worthy cause is sponsored by several leading businessmen and voluntary organizations, and he was intending to launch a housing project too to provide decent homes to those aged artists who have no houses of their own at present.

The project would be implemented with the help of the Housing and Construction Ministry, next year, Chief Minister Dharmasiri Dassanayake further said. 


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