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Why oppose every good move?

Talks these days are about Budget. A budget is essential to a country like pots and pans to a pantry. The yahapalana government, despite a few positive allegations levelled against it, has certainly focussed its attention towards the requirements of the pantry during their every budget. It is also a known fact that a government should find its revenue through Budget by introducing a new, or increasing the existing, taxes.

Normally, as we have experienced, the prices of all essential commodities that included the day-to-day requirements were increased pushing the ordinary man into financial difficulties. It should be specially mentioned about the fuel price increases that hit the whole nation during the past budgets.

But the government at its first budget itself reduced the prices of fuel, electricity and gas not only for the benefit of the masses but also to our amazement. Apart from it, the reduction of the prices of the drugs drastically is a great consolation to the patients. Budget this time too has decreased the prices of essential goods for the greater satisfaction of the housewives.

An Opposition is to oppose and it is a daily occurrence even if a good thing is done for the nation by a government. Therefore, the Joint Opposition and the JVP opposing the Budget need not be taken seriously. I am a little perturbed, however, over the remarks made by the JVP members. The party comprises an educated crowd. They know that finding ways and means for revenue is an important aspect of Budget.

Yet they opposed the increase of the charges for passport matters, identity cards, licences and the like which do not come under daily or monthly expenses. If there is an opposition for these too, how else can revenue be collected? If not for taxes like this, how can the insurance of schoolchildren and university students be introduced and price consolation be given to the masses?

Another question surfaces. With all this reduction to food items including electricity and gas last year, will the hotels serve food and tea at a reduced rate? There should be an authority to monitor the hoteliers.

Nazly Cassim

Colombo 13 


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