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Refusal to hoist National Flag

Cooray to consult Attorney General

Norther Province Governor Reginald Cooray is to seek the Attorney General’s advice on how to proceed on, over the incident where the Education Minister of the Northern Province S.Sarweshwaren refused to hoist the national flag.

The Northern Education Minister attended a function held at a school in Vavuniya, as the Chief Guest, on Thursday (16), and, had refused to hoist the national flag. It was reported that the function commenced upon the hoisting of the national flag by the Principal of the school.

The Governor said that various people have expressed various opinions over the issue and added that the details related to the incident would be referred to the Attorney General for his opinion ,following which necessary action would be taken.

When questioned whether the new constitution is going to invite more trouble and problems, the Governor said that the constitution is not only about hoisting of the national flag, there are many other important factors involved.

Asked whether he supports ‘separation of powers’, Governor Cooray said that some wrong decisions taken in the past created a huge gap between the northern province and rest of the country.

“The Joint Opposition who oppose the new constitution today protested in the past for the need of it. They express contrasting opinions when they are out of power”, he said


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