Western medicine is highly advanced in that there is science behind it researching into causes of diseases and cures, metabolic processes, organ function and so on.

However, most of the treatments do not match up. Basically, treatment starts only after symptoms show up. The symptoms can be due to several illnesses. The treatment is sometimes based on educated guesses. The treatment suppresses the symptoms, eventually indicating an apparent cure, when in fact the illness remains under cover and may worsen covertly.

Besides, the treatment focuses on efficiency – the efficient use of the doctor’s time. This is, almost always, to the disadvantage and self-respect of the patient. A doctor does not probe your medical and life history to enable him to make a more plausible diagnosis; he listens to your narration of symptoms while writing the prescription. He cannot help it; he is following the system.

In addition, there are millions of drugs of various descriptions. A doctor cannot be expected to know all the pros and cons of each drug he prescribes; besides, the ultimate illustration of the pros and cons depends on the patient, because each patient has a different genetic build-up. This is not taken into account simply because it is not possible to do so within the limits of time and fees. Ultimately the patient is exposed to the possibility of a fatal reaction. Millions of people have died this way over the years; over a hundred thousand people die annually in the USA due to reactions from opioids. The pharmaceutical companies are being sued over opioids all over the country.

Medical practitioners

There are millions of research papers on all types of diseases, metabolic processes and the causes and results of their disruption, on damaging effects of drugs and vaccines. Medical practitioners cannot and do not keep themselves informed up to date, even if they specialize in treatment of a particular organ or an anatomical system.

As an example, if you have diabetes, you are prescribed metformin. Recent research has shown that diabetes is a disease caused by the immune system automatically and continuously attacking the body. Metformin will not stop that. Metformin will only control your blood sugar levels. The autoimmune damage is going on leading to more serious organ damage.

It has been found to be so with many other diseases. Therefore the current system has to undergo a change. This system does not successfully tackle current chronic diseases.

All this shows that the patient is exposed to serious ill-health because of insufficient dissemination of information to the caregivers and more importantly, because under the present system doctors do not obtain all possible information on the patient’s medical history, and other pertinent details. As you proceed into this article, readers will realize the importance of these two approaches.

Many western medical practitioners, researchers and thinkers have realized the importance of these approaches. An entirely new medical system is being developed by very highly qualified people in medicine, medical and scientific research, information dissemination, thought leaders and millions of current and prospective patients who have embraced this medical process after digging out the information themselves or from the crusaders of the new medical field. They have taken medical research along a different road and found many thought provoking results.

This medical system is called Functional Medicine [FM]. Basically it identifies the root causes of illnesses and treats the causes – very much like Ayurveda but with much more pinpoint accuracy, positive results and very little reliance on currently used drugs. Actually it can reduce the cost of medical treatment, reduce pain and suffering and positively cure chronic diseases.

This is not “quack” medicine. A few years after the postulation and illustration of this medical process by a very highly qualified medical doctor, the world recognized Cleveland Clinic in the USA, gave it a “home” in a building at the back of the Cleveland Clinic Campus. Now, about four years later, it is a whole Department housed in the entire second floor of the main building, with a waiting list of over 2,000 patients.

There was a highly successful FM Summit related to FM at the Harvard University in 2016. The world’s top-most promoters of FM took part with Harvard faculty and millions of viewers on TV. In a related development, the 10th International Conference on Autoimmunity was held in Leipzig, Germany in 2016.

Related research is going on in Israel supplemented by substantial annual grants by the National Institutes of Health of the US Department of Health. The lead researcher in Israel is recognized worldwide. Twenty eight of his students who have qualified as medical PhDs are heading Functional Medicine Departments of hospitals in several countries.

There are many more similar facts. Therefore, FM is definitely not “quack” medicine.

Human immune system

Functional Medicine recognizes the human microbiome and attaches primary importance to it. The human microbiome is the massive population of bacteria in the human body. The human body contains about 100 trillion cells, but possibly only 10% of these cells are actually human. The rest are from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. They are mainly in the intestine, but are present in almost all bodily locations internal and external. Ayurveda also stresses that a healthy digestive system is crucial. It is the bacteria that keep the digestive system working well.

These bacteria and all other living beings, including humans, originated from the pre-historic pea-soup of simple life forms. Therefore there is a strong synergistic relationship between the human body and its microbiome. In fact they supply the human brain with very important nutrients and there is communication between them or the human gut, and the brain.

Living beings have an immune system. Seventy percent of the human immune system is in the gut. The immune system protects the body from danger. The danger comes from ingested foreign materials of genetic and chemical origin that are unrecognized by the immune system, and from pollution. The immune system is said to consist of several sub-systems specific to specific organs and areas of the anatomy. When something foreign is detected, the relevant immune sub-system reacts by sending antibodies to try destroy the intruder. Inflammation too is called into play by the immune system to destroy the intruder.

Our grandparents drank water from springs. They did not drink cola, soda or chlorinated and fluoridated water. We do almost desperately. The colas and sodas lead to diabetes, obesity and many other diseases. A Nigerian court has ruled against Fanta and Sprite. Chlorine is a strong irritant and fluoride is too, as well as being a disruptor of the hormone system. If the fluoridation of water is done by the waste product sodium fluorosilicate and not clean sodium fluoride, then we are exposed to heavy metal poisoning and radioactivity too.

Our grandparents didn’t douse their food crops with pesticides and weedicides which are chemical poisons. We do, almost at a suicidal and homicidal level. Our food is doused in glyphosate used as a weedicide and desiccant, particularly on wheat, corn [maize], oats, sugarcane and soya – so much so that a major part of the population in North and South Americas and Europe have dangerous amounts of weedicide in their urine, feces, blood and breast milk. Glyphosate is a bactericide, a metal nutrient grabber, an autoimmune trigger and a hormone hacker – a serious danger four times over. (Things that disrupt the hormone system are called hormone hackers).

Our grandparents did not use aluminium utensils and vessels. We do, even though we know for a fact that aluminium can be a cause of dementia in late life. They did not use plastics or plastic coated utensils. We do. Plastics contain Bisphenol-A which permeates from hot plastics to food and drinks and through the skin. Bisphenol-A is a serious hormone hacker.

Our grandparents did not use detergents, scented soaps, anti-bacterial soaps, bleach, dry-cleaning chemicals, flame retardants in their clothes and household linen, or poisons to eliminate domestic pests or artificial fragrances to mask odours in the house. We do; we can do without them.

Our grandparents did not use cosmetics and body care products that have fragrances and lead in them. We do. They did not use table salt which is only sodium chloride, processed at very high temperature. They used sea salt which had its natural content of minerals just as seawater.

Next generation

Our grandparents did not have an environment severely polluted by vehicles spouting fuel vapours and exhaust gases, large dairy herds spouting methane, coal fired power plants and industries spouting dangerous particles and gases - all polluting the air, water and soil. We have, at a very alarming level.

Over the past century or less, we have been almost imperceptibly pushed into using hundreds of dangerous chemicals and exposed to hundreds more of air, water and soil pollutants. That is why we are getting very sick. We must take stock, take care and reduce these hazards in a disciplined manner. Or else we pay with our lives. Our planet will die and we too with it.

Recent research shows that,

*Our next generation will not live as long as us. That is a reversal of the usual trend to longer life.

*Even the current generation has a 50% lower sperm count. Will they lose their manhood later?

Another cause for serious concern is that data from artificial insemination centers in the West show that in the case of 70% of the couples who seek artificial insemination, the male sperm cannot penetrate the female egg as it would do naturally. As such, the sperm has to be injected into the egg. Conclusion? The sperm is weak. This is just one example of what is coming.

Most of our serious diseases have been identified as caused by autoimmune action starting in the gut and lungs. We feed our bodies with contaminated food, water and air - every day. They trigger the immune system. Daily inputs and accumulation of contaminants increase immune reactions until they become autoimmune reactions. Constant long-term auto-immune activity opens out spaces in the gut wall. Undigested food and bacteria pass through into the blood stream infecting it. Therefore, to survive as healthy individuals we have to be very well informed and disciplined about what we put into and allow into our bodies. 


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