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Budget proposals will help ease North-East poverty: Swaminathan

Prison Reforms, Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Hindu Religious Affairs Minister D.M. Swaminathan expressed optimism that the proposals in the budget, in relation to the war-ravaged Northern and EasternProvinces, will ease poverty by the end of 2018.

“The budget proposals are mainly aimed at reducing the cost of living and some specific proposals will immensely benefit the people of the two poverty-stricken provinces,” he said.

The proposal to allocate Rs.1,000 million for grants and low interest loans (soft-loans) to those trapped in debts in the two provinces, the allocation of Rs.3,000 million to build houses to resettle those affected in the conflict, irrigation projects and water tanks, an Economic Zone in Achchuvely, Jaffna, resettlement of 12,000 ex-combatants and special projects for war widows are some of the proposals, Swaminathan said. The national unity government, in the last two years, achieved much towards reducing poverty levels which were higher compared to the other provinces of the country.

The government enhanced fund allocations by several folds and implemented far-reaching livelihood programmes to reduce poverty levels.

The worst-affected Mullaitivu district had recorded a drop in poverty level from 24.5 last year to 12.5 percent this year, the Minister said adding that similar reductions in poverty levels were being achieved in several other districts.


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