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Ready to make housing revolution in SL – Sajith Premadasa

Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa is confident that the Ministry will achieve its Shelter for All target by 2025 since the budgetary allocations for the housing sector have been increased by 66 percent compared to the previous budget of the Yahapalana government.

Minister Sajith Premadasa said that he is ready to make a housing revolution in the country since a large amount of funds have been allocated for the housing sector from the Budget 2018. This housing revolution will benefit all innocent poor people in the country.

“The present government is always attempting to improve the living standards of ordinary people in Sri Lanka and that is the main difference between the present and previous governments.” the Minister said.

He said that the third budget of Yahapalana government is very special to the Housing and Construction Ministry since the Finance Ministry has increased the allocations for the housing sector.

“The country has now entered in to an era of constructing houses and a housing battle is currently going on.” he said.

Minister Premadasa said currently there are around 2.5 million families in this country experiencing housing issues adding that it is the objective of the government that all 2.5 million of these families are provided houses under the ‘Semata Sevana’ (Shelter for All) programme by the year 2025.

The National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) has already undertaken several projects addressing the housing needs of homeless families. 


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