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JVP opposes Budget proposal to amend certain laws

JVP National Organizer MP Bimal Ratnayake yesterday charged that the government’s proposal to amend certain laws aimed to enable foreign capital to swallow up the little funds left over in the local sovereign economy.

He was commenting on the proposals made by Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera in his Budget speech, to amend certain outdated laws.

Addressing the media yesterday, at the JVP Headquarters, MP Rathnayake said the two main political parties have the responsibility of amending any outdated Act and there is no issue with that.

He said proposals to amend nearly 10 Acts has been mentioned in the Budget 2018 under the topic Fast Tracking Liberalization, which means that the government is attempting to fulfill their economic policy of selling all national resources which will badly affect the living standards of ordinary people.

The MP invited the public to rally round to defeat the amendment of certain Acts that directly affect the livelihoods of the people, such as the Customs Ordinance, the Excise Ordinance in 1912, the Education Ordinance in 1939, the Rent Act No. 7 of 1972, Paddy Lands Act No. 1 of 1958 and the Agricultural Lands Act No. 42 of 1973 and the Shop and Office Employees Act. He further claimed that the JVP will take all possible efforts to defeat this attempt.


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