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Chance in the hell realm

The 3D Animated Short Film, Love Over, will be screened at the main auditorium of Colombo South International College November 19 at 9.30 am (English), 11.30 am (Sinhala) and 1.30 pm (English).

Love Over is a film produced by DMC Buddhist channel of Thailand based on a true story of a teenage girl and a boy. DMC donated the production to Shraddha Television Network and subsequently, the film was dubbed into Sinhala and shown free of charge to an approximate audience of four hundred and fifty thousand (450,000) in various parts of Sri Lanka. Presently, Shraddha TV is in the process of facilitating numerous other requests received from various parts of the island for screening the film. Further, the film has been dubbed into English with the view of reaching out to a global audience as well.

The film depicts vividly using 3D technology, the repercussions when children do not receive the parental love and care at the correct age and how younger generation darken their lives by not being able to control their feelings and emotions and also the dreadful returns one would face in the human life and in hell for the evil deeds committed by oneself.

It also shows how one who has been misguided gets proper direction and guidance to correct oneself by associating with Noble friends.

Roshan is an 18-year-old teenage boy. His best friends are Thum and Gun. Jentima (Jane) is a 16-year-old teenage girl. Her mother is depressed because of her husband’s affair with another woman. She does not even have time for her daughter. Roshan starts an affair with Jane which leads to Jane’s pregnancy.






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