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Courage, little heart!

Little Hearts Project is a dream with the mission and vision of securing the ability to treat up to 10,000 children every year. This is a project to construct and commission a 10-storey Cardiac and critical care complex at the premises of the Lady Ridgeway hospital for children (LRH) at Borella.

This is the premier National Hospital – that treat children under 12 years of age – free of charge. It is estimated that there are about 3000 children born with congenital hearts diseases and other serious heart ailments.

According to Dr. Duminda Samarasinghe, Consultant Paediatric cardiologist, only 1000 cardiac surgeries and 700 catheter based interventions are done every year. Considering the need for multiple surgeries for the same patient – surgeries are prolonged.

The target is to perform 2000 surgeries and 1000 catheter based interventions.

As LRH has over 900 beds, the percentage of ICU beds available is 1-2 %. This is grossly inadequate- and more than 60% of requests made are rejected, and critically ill patients are forced to be treated in general Wards. Which lack ICU beds – posing a risk for the livers of little children.

It is estimated that approximately 1000-1500 children with hearts diseases and critical illnesses are lost every year. Eight out of 1000 newborns leave this world before their first birthday. His or Her chance of survival is less than 50% according to hospital sources.

A request is made to all citizens, media and Religious organizations to promote and find funds for this project in the shortest possible time. The target to complete the complex is rupees 2000 billion.

The government has allocated Rs.300 million and the Civil Engineering Division of the Navy has started construction work. They who give their labour absolutely free.

As citizen of Sri Lanka who reap the benefits of free Health care it is our responsibility to find the funds needed – to save our children – who do not have a voice that could be heard.

They are our future generation – who need our attention and help.

All administrative costs will be borne by well - wishers and guardians of this project. All contributions are tax free.

Derana the principle digital media partner organized a walk in collaboration with the college of Paediatricians “Run For Little Hearts” on October 27th Sunday. It was a resounding success. Sporting white T-Shirts with a logo of a red heart, The young, the old and even tiny tots joined in the run to show their solidarity. A marathon preceded the event.

Every cent and every rupee count – is the plea of Dr Duminda Samarasinghe – Chairperson of the “Little Hearts Project” you can contact 071-644-1122(Hot Line) at LRH –for future information.

“This is not a project for somebody else- Take it as your own project for your own child – as it may be the reality one day.”

An extra- ordinary event – that need extra- ordinary support. Let us treat our little children with Tender loving care.


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