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Well worth the effort: Ave Maria Convent

The Head Prefect Badge being pinned by the Principal
The Head Prefect Badge being pinned by the Principal

In this fast-moving world, Head Prefect of Ave Maria Convent Shankini Pathirana has acquired the qualities of a shepherdess of people by being educated under Good Shepherd nuns. Shankini who believes innocence and compassion are as important as intelligence now takes care of her flock caringly.

Shankini says that from her childhood she has been taught to place her faith in Jesus who is an example of love and compassion and also a tremendous leader. She also says that we live in a world where compassion amongst and within leaders is fading. And that we should develop and protect this quality to grow among us.

Spiritual value

“We live in a world where youngsters are addicted to drugs and terrorism today. They should be guided in a manner that they realize the disastrous outcome of it. The youth need to be inspired by the actions of their leaders. They must be taught that peace is glorious. They need to be taught that discussion is more important than arguments. They need to be taught that talking and resolving a matter peacefully has spiritual value.

Taking all of this into consideration Pathirana thinks communication plays a vital part in the world today. As leaders, she feels that we need to be flexible and decision making and communication are so important.

Pathiarana is an A/L student in the science stream, who intends to studying medicine. She also has an interest in Molecular Biology. An only child she believes in good family values. Her father works in a money exchange in Dubai and she lives with her mother. She feels that family values are a must since you need to receive love from the family. Parental support must be there for a child to succeed in life. In her life, her role model is her mother.

Pathirana, who studies in a Catholic school has been brought up amongst Good Shepherd nuns. She feels that the life she has got is a gift from God.

Second home

“Ave Maria is a fountain that showers children with Education love, care and moral values. Its vision is to produce good shepherdesses to the world. I need to be a leader who takes good care of my flock. I joined Ave Maria Convent from Grade One itself, and my parents and I never thought that I would come this far! The reason who I am today is because of my school and I love my school sincerely. My personality, talents and skills have been moulded by Ave Maria Convent and Ave Maria is my second home. When you become a Head Girl you become a link between the school administration as well as the students. I deal with two different levels of people. I am dealing with youngsters and with elders. So it is a big challenge being the link between those two groups,” said Pathirana

Pathirana is a netball player and was on the first tennis team of Ave Maria Convent. She has also obtained Western Province colours for Throwball. She has been a chess player too.

“We call each other and we come to practices daily and I have made a lot of friends. We learn team spirit. If I did not do netball I would not have been in this position. That gave me a great advantage and helped me become a Head Prefect. It gave me a good bunch of friends. I have learned how to accept victory and defeat alike,” said Pathirana.

Ave Maria rewards students for their efforts, and awards positions to those girls who strive for excellence. Give your fullest to the school without being selfish says Pathirana. She also added that today in the world a lot of students are very selfish and it has become a rat race. She emphasised that first we need to become selfless. Then the rest will be in the hands of God.

“Firstly I want to thank and praise the Almighty Father for giving me such a good life. I also want to thank my parents. They are always behind me. They have been the pillars of my success. I must thank my former Principal Rev. Sr. Shirani Algama because she recognised my skills promoted me and appointed me. I must also thank my present Principal Rev. Sister Shermila Jayawardene, who is behind everything I do. She always advises me. I must also thank my teachers who touched my life from the moment I stepped into the school I thank my fellow prefects for their support. They are a bunch of multi-talented prefects. They have given their utmost to me. I consider them my sisters,” said Pathirana.

She wishes Ave Maria to go from generation to generation inculcating noble values producing worthy citizens.
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